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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
20 ways church ministries can raise money
Posted by: We Love Flamingos
20 ways church ministries can raise money
Summary: Fundraising for the church ministries can at times be a very difficult task. The article describes ways of raising money for your church..

The following are the 20 ways through which church ministries can raise funds:

1. Have yard sales: Members of the church can sell their unwanted items. Huge amounts of money can be raised through yard sales. Members can donate baby items, clothing, kitchen gadgets or unwanted furniture.

2. Purchase items at low cost and sell them: Items such as chips and colas can purchased from sales at stores and can be sold at different events. Parades and sporting events are great opportunities to sell different products bought from sales.

3. Bake Sale: Volunteers can bake and cook different items such as cakes, brownies or potato salad and banana split and can sell them for fundraising. These goods should be put in containers and can be sold at local markets and busy streets.

4. Car wash: Car washes can be advertised through newspapers and flyers. Members can perform the car wash by using wax, perfume and other stuff. It can prove to be a great activity for youths.

5. Make stuff and sell: Members could be asked to make stuff at home such as ornaments and hand woven items and these could be sold at events held in the4 church.

6. Penny run: Members can gather and knock at each door so as to get the pennies from each house. One member should first explain the cause for which money will be spent. People will be more than willing to give spare pennies for a good cause such as church ministries.

7. Selling religious items: Different stuff such as bookmarks, Bibles< religious songs could be sold in the church yard. This can gather huge amounts of money for the church.

8. Auction: The church can hold auctions where the stuff voluntarily donated by the members can be auctioned. Stuff which is auctioned can include books, furniture and toys.

9. Ask for donations: Members can go door to door in the neighborhood and ask for donations. People normally do not mind giving stuff rather than money.

10. Use fundraising cans:
These cans can be placed on the church entrances or can be passed around to everyone during the sermons where people can put cash in these cans and boxes.

11. Races: Different races can be held for a small fee for the participants. There can be different races for the young and elderly.

12. Cookie dough fundraiser: These fundraisers can help to raise more than 40-50% profits.

13. Candle fundraiser: Candles are very much popular and are sold in huge quantities.

14. Scratch card fundraising: It is one of the latest fundraising methods and is fast, simple and easy.

15. Flamingo Flocking: This is a fun way of fundraising and doesn’t require much initial investment. Learn more from  Flocking teams earn upwards of $1300 per day by placing 10 or more plastic pink flamingos on the lawns of unsuspecting donors in the middle of the night.  The donors will then pay a flocking fee to have the birds removed and could opt to give an additional donation to choose the next flocking victim.  Additionally, these groups have sold flamingo flocking insurance equal to the donation to avoid having their lawns flocked.  A fundraiser like this can cost only $200 to $500 dollars and has the highest pay back.  Plastic flamingos can be purchased from

16. Collect cans for recycling:
Members could be asked to collect cans at home. All of those cans could then be collected and sold at buy-back recycling centers.

17. Hold a fancy dinner: A few members can prepare dinner and then sell the tickets to the dinner for high prices. Unusual items can be placed in the dinner to increase interest.

18. Get a famous or popular person at your fundraiser: However, you should plan beforehand as you might lose more than you might earn.

19. Set-up challenge campaigns: Gifts can be given to members who will raise the most money. E.g. paying $10 Bible for raising $100.

20. Hold a phon-athon:
Members can keep on calling their friends and family who can help raise the required amount until and unless the target is achieved.

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